We are currently looking for motivated students to carry out research (thesis or short-term research) in the following topics:


Interaction between waterbirds and plankton communities


Location: AquaScale lab at WasserCluster Lunz, Lunz am See
Topic: Waterbirds and aquatic habitats can be strongly linked in a landscape. In the Vogelwarte Madárvárta 2 project, we will investigate the effect of waterbirds on aquatic communities by their natural eutrophication role, by testing how they affect different trophic pathways in plankton communities. There are multiple options for master thesis topics in the project.
Project supervisors: Zsófia Horváth, Robert Ptacnik



Metacommunity ecology of large branchiopods

Location: AquaScale lab at WasserCluster Lunz, Lunz am See
Topic: Metacommunity theory is a framework for understanding how local communities depend on habitat connectivity in a landscape and is an essential element in conservation ecology. The aim of this student project is to understand the role of dispersal in maintaining large branchiopod metacommunities in temporary aquatic habitats.
Project supervisors: Zsófia Horváth, Robert Ptacnik