Lena Eggers – PostDoc

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List of publications

Eggers S. L., Lewandowska A. M., Barcelos e Ramos J., Blanco-Ameijeiras S., Gallo F., Matthiessen B.. (2014): Community composition has greater impact on the functioning of marine phytoplankton communities than ocean acidification. Global Change Biology 20: 713-723

Eggers S. L., Matthiessen B.. (2013): Initial dominance in coccolitophore communities affects community structure but does not translate into community functioning. Marine Ecology Progress Series 473: 67-77

Matthiessen B., Eggers S. L., Krug S. A.. (2012): High nitrate to phosphorus regime attenuates negative effects of rising pCO2 on total population carbon accumulation. Biogeosciences 9, 1195-1203

Eggers S. L., Eriksson B. K., Matthiessen B.. (2012): A heat wave and dispersal cause dominance shift and decrease biomass in experimental metacommunities, Oikos, 121 (5): 721-733;