Lunz Mesocosm Infrastructure (LMI)

The Lunz Mesocosm Infrastructure (LMI) at WCL hosts our 4 mesocosm facilities, two tank systems (1A Ptacnik mesocosms and 1B Kainz mesocosms), and two flumes (2A BOKU flumes, 2B Schelker flumes).

Details on the facilities:


Current call:

Within the general call of AQUACOSM, LMI invites applications for Transnational Access (TA) in 2018.


Deadline for applications is 6 October 2017.

Available facilities:

In 2018, we open facilities 1A, 1B, and 2B for selected users through AQUACOSM TA.

How to apply:

The call and all relevant documents are found here:


WCL LMI 1A, AquaScale mesocosms (Ptacnik lab)

Users are invited to participate during a mesocosm experiment scheduled for June – July 2018.


WCL LMI 1B, LipTox mesocosms (Kainz lab)

This facility is available for TA from Jan 1st-Dec 31st, for up to two months and up to 210 person-days – e.g. 10 people for 10 days.

No specific experiment is planned yet. Manipulation of temperature and/or DOC, nutrients etc. are possible. Please contact Martin Kainz for possible collaborations.


WCL LMI 2B EcoCatch flumes (Schelker lab)

Users who are selected for TA are invited to join the Flume experiment on stream microbial inoculation within the ÖAW project Hydro-Diversity planned to run from the beginning of June to mid of August 2018.

In addition, open slots for TA users are September to end of October. Minimum required stay for users is one month, so this could be two time slots, but is most likely just one slot that is realistic (210 person-days).


WCL LMI 2A HyTec flumes (BOKU)

No TA opening planned in 2018.