Seasonal greetings #2

christmasdaphniaSanta Daphnia by Claudia :o)


Open PhD position in BythoAlps project

We are seeking a highly motivated student to pursue her/his PhD studies within the research project Is Bythotrephes not invasive at home due to prey adaptations?, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

The focus of the PhD thesis will be in developing and application of molecular gut analyses of Bythotrephes in a close cooperation with prof. Marc E. Frischer (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, University of Georgia, USA) . The student is also expected to participate in field and experimental work. The qualified candidate must hold a MSc. degree in ecology, limnology and/or related fields. Practical experience with molecular methods in ecology will be of advantage. Strong motivation, flexibility and capacity of independent work are important qualities. Salary will follow FWF rules.




Open call for a PhD student

We are looking for a highly motivated MA with a background in molecular methods and/or aquatic microbial ecology, to do a PhD in collaboration with Mia M. Bengtsson (University of Greifswald, DE) and Stella Berger (IGB Stechlin, DE) on mixotrophic bacterivorous protists. The position is available within the DFG/FWF jointly funded project LakeMix.

The position is to be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Starting date is January 2018.

Interested candidates should contact Robert Ptacnik by email at robert.ptacnik(at)