Marina joins our research on mixotrophic Algae in LakeMix

Marina Ivanković from Croatia has started her PhD thesis on mixotrophic bacterivores in January. Her thesis project is part of the new DACH project LakeMix (DFG-FWF funded project).


New DACH project on mixotrohpic bacterivory in lakes

Clipboard01In January we had an exciting kickoff-meeting of our new collaborative project LakeMix in Greifswald – Mia, thanks for hosting us so nicely! Together with Mia Bentsson (Univ Greifwald) and colleagues at IGB (Stella Berger, Jens Nejstgaard, Hans Peter Grossart), we aim to characterize the impact of mixotrophic flagellates on the microbial food web in lakes. Lab experiments involving chemostat experiments will take place in Lunz, in collaboration with Robert Fischer. Molecular analyses and field work will take place in Greifswald and at the Lake Lab in Neuglobsow.

Chrysophytes by Robert Fischer, inspired by images from Tikkanen & Willén 1992