More dispersal between Lunz and Leuven

Thanks to KWA (UniVie), Erasmus+ and ÖFG grants, Dunja had a great opportunity to spend 3 months in the group of Luc Brendonck (KU Leuven). Among several other interests of the group, they study fairy shrimp distribution and diversification along large scales and through various time frames. Dunja learned and successfully applied molecular methods to study dispersal history (phylogeography) in the case of a fairy shrimp species, Branchipus schaefferi. During her time not spent in the lab, she grew fond of sightseeing attractions in and around Leuven, in addition to unique food and beverage specialities (especially an endless list of fantastic beers).

Dunja especially thanks Tom Pinceel for his patience and excellent supervision during her stay!

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