The importance of temporary pools – Dunja at the SCCS Hungary

Dunja participated in a student conference in Tihany, on the shore of the Lake Balaton in Hungary, where she talked about zooplankton metacommunities in temporary pools. The program offered students plenty of diverse and interesting topics in conservation science, workshops for building practical skills and tasting traditional Hungarian food and drinks in the evenings. The initiative of the organizers that international students should bring some traditional food and sweets from their home was strongly supported by students bringing a nice variety of beverages.

SCCS is the largest international conference in conservation science for students and early career scientists, and SCCS Hungary has sister conferences in Cambridge, Australia, Beijing, Bangalore and New York organised every year.

Dunja highly recommends this conference as an excellent choice for young (conservation) scientists to have one of their first presentations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

DunjaSCCS2.png(More photos are available on the conference home page)

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